Monte Developers Meetup #03

Kanban & Javascript


Eugene Potapenko

will share his experience of developming with node.js and angular.js.

опыт разработки проекта - node.js + angular

Konstantin Baev :: Kanban — a method of a flexible task management and its realizations

will talk about Kanban - method of flexible management of processes, survey realizations of Kanban board and introduce Kanbanchi - one of realizations, where he takes part as a developer

о Канбане, методологии гибкого управления задачами. Обзор программных реализаций доски Канбан, а так же Kanbanchi - в разработке которой принимает участие


Russian Cultural Centre named after the count Sava Vladislavich

Manastirska 2, Herceg Novi, Montenegro


Big thanks for guys that helps organizing this event.
Their contribution makes it possible!

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